HIDIOT 0.9 tested

Apr 7, 2017 · Steve

HIDIOT 0.9 tested

We received the first 0.9 prototypes about a week ago while some of us were at the excellent Troopers security conference in Heidelberg. After getting back, we started testing the boards and everything passed first time.

We now have a stable platform for the HIDIOT, and it’s only really cosmetic changes expected from this point on.

We did a revision of the board fixing a few cosmetic issues for 0.9a, most notably the addition of a row of letters on the breakout areas, so it’s now easier to refer to where to place components when documenting circuits.

We’ll have 0.9a available at HackInTheBox Amsterdam. We’ll be in the CommSec village, so if you’re around, come and say hello!


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