HIDIOT 0.8 is here!

Mar 7, 2017 · Steve

HIDIOT 0.8 is here!

Our 0.8 prototypes arrived and we’ve started testing them. So far (touch wood!) everything’s working fine. This will be the last board built with Ragworm as we move from prototype to the Design for Manufacture stage.

After asking the Internet about what we should do with the HIDIOT, we were told that overwhelmingly you want buttons! So, buttons you got. In fact there are now two (count ‘em) button points on the PCB. The mighty ATTiny85 gives us 3 pins to play with (4 including the Reset pin, which we can use with some sneaky tricks). One of the three pins we use for a programmable LED, leaving the other two available for use elsewhere.

Because the HIDIOT is specifically designed to be modified, you don’t actually have to use the 3 pins for LED1 and two push switches. In fact you can reuse the pins for your own purposes instead by using our new breakout board.

In version 0.9 of the board we intend to test the breakout area to the limit, so that in the future we can show you how to create your own add-on boards we call CAPs (Computer Add-on Projects). It’d be jolly rude of us if we asked you to buy add-on boards without at least showing you how to make your own. After all, discovering new ideas is one of the things the HIDIOT is all about.

We’ll keep updating you as the HIDIOT progresses on the road to 1.0. At the moment, we’re busy writing tutorials for parents and children to work through together. These are split into hour long parent and child sessions. If you have any ideas for tutorials, we’d love to hear about them in our community sub-reddit.


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