What is the HIDIOT?

Feb 8, 2017 · Steve

What is the HIDIOT?

The Human Interface Device Input/Output Toolkit (HIDIOT) is a tool designed to help people learn how to hack hardware, through the medium of hardware hacking. We started work on HIDIOT back in early 2016 with the idea of creating a simple USB Human Interface Device tool that anyone could assemble, and quickly worked on making it the official badge for UK security event 44CON.

Unlike the computer you’re probably reading this web page with, The HIDIOT is a computer you can buy, build from scratch and understand everything that’s going on inside. After 44CON we started looking at how to take the HIDIOT from being a badge to being a useful tool, and realised that as well as having uses in the grown-up world of information security, the HIDIOT could also be used to help parents and children learn basic electronic circuits and programming together.

We’ve worked out 20 introductory hands-on practical tutorials for parents and children to follow together, each taking roughly an hour that would take a parent and child (or an unsupervised adult) through various stages of building and programming the HIDIOT.

Ultimately the HIDIOT is an open source tool. You can modify, remix, fold, spindle and mutilate our board design to your hearts content as long as you maintain our open source hardware licence.


The Hardware Hacking Starter Kit for Parents and Kids


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