PCB 0.8 Prototypes Ordered

Feb 14, 2017 · Steve

PCB 0.8 Prototypes Ordered

Our 0.8 prototypes have been finalised, and the order is being sent out as I type. These will feature a new breakout area and two buttons for haptic feedback. Hopefully this is our last prototype design, although there may be minor changes to resolve any outstanding board problems. Our boards are being lovingly manufactured in the UK by Ragworm and Stickelback Circuits.

Of course, because the HIDIOT is complete open source, you don’t have to use push switches, you can use anything you want to trigger button inputs or ignore them completely and use the lines to wire up something else instead.

The breakout area is important for the HIDIOT. We want to have every pin on the ATTiny made accessible, and have a work area big enough for you to do whatever you want with the HIDIOT. From buttons and sensors, to lights and motors, we want the only limit to be your imagination!

If you were one of the lucky people to build a HIDIOT at 44CON last year, you’ll be pleased to know that we’re still using the Digispark software, and that you’ll just need to solder momentary push switches to the diagonal breakout area if you want complete compatibility with the final HIDIOT. After the madness of launch, we’ll look at writing up a blog post for you.


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