Digistump and the HIDIOT

Feb 12, 2017 · Steve

Digistump and the HIDIOT

Very kindly the incredible people at Digistump (home of the awesome Digispark) have allowed us to continue using their software into the HIDIOT’s production. This means several awesome things:

The HIDIOT will remain completely software-compatible with the original Digispark, and (almost) vice versa.

  1. The Digispark will be able to use HIDIOT libraries like ButtonLib (although you’ll have to solder up buttons)
  2. We’re able to focus our efforts on more tutorials and testing
  3. We’d like to thank the incredible efforts by the Digistump team on the Digispark, and for allowing us to use their software.

Please note, Digistump and Raw Hex are two unrelated companies, and the HIDIOT is not linked to Digistump or the Digispark in any way. We’d also like to remind HIDIOT users that Digistump will not under any circumstances provide support for the HIDIOT. You’ll still need to use our community support facilities.


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